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Third Party Events


There are many meaningful and significant ways to support Cystic Fibrosis Canada in its vision of finding a cure or control for cystic fibrosis.


One of the most impactful ways is by hosting a Third Party Event. Third Party Events allows you the opportunity to organize your own event in order to increase awareness and raise funds for cystic fibrosis research and care. Your time and effort will directly benefit those suffering with CF and their families. It is an opportunity to truly make a difference!


For more information on hosting an event in support of cystic fibrosis research and care, download our Third Party Event kit, here.


Organizing Your Event


You might be thinking … "What do I need to do to plan an event?” and “Where do I start?”

Here is a checklist that outlines the main things to think about when planning and organizing an event. They may not all apply to your event.


  • Form a planning committee
  • Determine a coordinator
  • Choose an event
  • Set goals: e.g., raise X$, awareness, # of participants
  • Submit the Third Party Event Application the Toronto & District Chapter
  • Decide on roles/tasks for committee members.
  • Choose a venue
  • Choose a date, time of day, and length of time for the event
  • Determine legal, insurance, liability, permit and safety issues you may need to address
  • Work with your development coordinator to determine a plan for tax receipts
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Develop a publicity/promotion plan
  • Solicit sponsors
  • Invite participants
  • Decide how money will be collected and handled
  • Create supply checklists for the event
  • Create a “Day of the Event” agenda
  • Lay out how venue will be set up
  • Set up / clean up details and timing
  • Thank yous and recognition
  • Wrap up and evaluate event


Choosing an Event


Big, small, unique, sporty….. the ideas are endless. Whether you are repeating a successful yearly event, thinking about starting up a small fundraiser or wanting to include the entire community in a big bash, here are some questions to get your started:


How to Choose an Event


  • What is your goal for this event? Have fun, raise money, raise awareness, bring a community together, have a certain number of participants?
  • How much work/hours are you/your committee prepared to take on?
  • Should you start with a smaller/simpler event and grow it in future years?
  • How many volunteers would you be able to involve?
  • How much time do you have to prepare for this event?
  • Who/how many people could you realistically get to participate?
  • Do you have access to VIPs or celebrities, performers or other unique events?


Event Ideas:



walk, skip, read, bike, dance, knit, swim, bowl, skate, aerobics



donated goods, furniture, hand made goods, quilts, services, catered meals



Black tie dinner, concert, garden tour, homes tour, art show, performance of a play, BBQ beach party, boat cruise, costume dinner dance, dress rehearsal performance, food fair, gala premiere, dance, celebrity luncheon, talent show


Sporting Events and Tournaments:

baseball game, football game, golf tournament, tennis tournament, fishing derby, pool/billiards/darts tournament, soccer tournament


Other Ideas


Garage sale
Bake sales
Head shaving
Loonie/Twoonie Drive
Car wash/ Pet wash
Arts and crafts sales/shows
Dinner dances
Holiday celebrations
Theatre events
Theme parties
"Grub" / "Dress Down" day
Raise a set $ amount to make your boss/principal do something: eg., dress up, make lunch for the team, etc


You're not alone, we can help! Chapter staff can help you get started. We can also help to promote your event to people in our community. Contact for more information.






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